Fluide 2018 Extra muros Exhibition

  • Outdoors
  • date:
  • 08.09.2018 - 09.12.2018

The BPS22 is joining forces with the Centre culturel de Thuin to participate in Fluide, parcours d'arts actuels, as together they turn the city of Thuin into an open-air museum.

An ancient medieval city built on a rocky outcrop and surrounded by ramparts, Thuin is known for its numerous tourist attractions, but remains a city with its related urban issues, ideas and ways of life. Three years after the success of the 2015 edition, Fluide is inviting eight new artists to focus on the past and future of Thuin, between resistance, age-old traditions and contemporary realities in a world that is moving at many different paces. Serigne Mbaye Camara speaks of the lack of water supply for the Hanging Gardens; Mario Ferretti works with the trees that are destined to disappear from the Bois du Grand Bon Dieu; Cathy Coëz delves into the history of the Chant des Oiseaux locality and Pauline Debrichy evokes Thuin's rich boatman past. But Fluide is also the Piraille district, the Belfry and the Gardens and the narrow streets through which Charlotte BeaudryLola MeottiGRRIZ and Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni lead you to discover, through art, the exceptional heritage of the small town of Thuin.

The artists: Charlotte BEAUDRY, Cathy COËZ, Pauline DEBRICHY, Daniel FAUVILLE, Mario FERRETTI, GRRIZ (Luigi GRECO and Mattia PACO RIZZI), Serigne MBAYE CAMARA, Lola MEOTTI, Mostafa SAIFI RAHMOUNI.

Curator: Dorothée DUVIVIER - BPS22

Art director: Pascal MARLIER - Centre culturel de Thuin Haute Sambre

An organisation of the Centre culturel de Thuin Haute Sambre and the City of Thuin in partnership with BPS22.

Fluide 2018 - Teaser