• Exhibition
  • date:
  • 06.10.2012 - 16.12.2012

Intranquilités brought together three artists from the Moroccan Diaspora who share a common interest in the notions of identity, culture, borders, belonging, the Foreigner and the Other.
Borrowed from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, the title Intranquilités evokes a feeling of worry, a certain sense of agitation, even a form of insecurity. The idea of the exhibition was quite the opposite; it called on the spectator to remain aware and to keep the senses and the mind alert. Curiosity as a tool for emancipation, freedom of speech and the quest to discover mixed origins are the motivating forces behind the group's exhibition. These are the values the three artists seek to cultivate and in the face of a rapidly changing world, we are invited to consistently active this 'intranquil' curiosity which safeguards our conscience.

The BPS22 exhibition displayed work by each artist, organised around specific new pieces, such as Sleep Al Naim - For Salman Rushdie by Mounir Fatmi, which made its world debut.

Exhibition Curators: Charles-Olivier Gohy and Pierre-Olivier Rollin