In Between... Mo Becha, David Neirings, Regine Schumann

  • Exhibition
  • date:
  • 19.03.2004 - 03.04.2004

Within the framework of the fifth Charleroi/Danse Biennial and in parallel of the show Générations by dance company Mossoux-Bonté, the BPS22 proposed a group show of three artists exploring the contiguous areas of electronic music, installation, painting, graphic design, visual communication and textile. An exhibition where art becomes "atmosphere" that can only be seen at night. As the proposition of the dance company Mossoux-Bonté focuses on plastic arts, In-Between goes to the encounter of the nightly atmospheres of shows and parties.
The exhibition was at the crossroads of various artistic disciplines that exploited specific visual materials and used space as a genuine artistic medium. Mo Becha's sound installations, David Neirings' graphic interventions and Regine Schumann's light sculptures occupied the sports hall adjacent to the BPS22, which is now part of the museum since it was refurbished in 2015.

Curated by: Pierre-Olivier Rollin