• Exhibition
  • date:
  • 25.04.2002 - 09.06.2002

Patrick Everaert creates photographic prints from magazine images which are then reworked on a computer. Although his work seems to concretise visual impossibilities that René Magritte would have approved of, surrealism is not the only reference present in the work of Patrick Everaert. Literature and particularly authors who destroyed the rules of narrative construction, cinema, art history, photography and also semiology and psychoanalysis are all equally important prisms for understanding his work.

Time is also an essential concept in his work, as much in the creation process as their future appreciation. The title of the exhibition, Killing Time, reinforces this demand for slow observation, an almost unconscious desire to delay the moment when the image is revealed to its full extent. During this exhibition, Patrick Everaert presented previous and new work in which he had placed many visual 'traps', constantly disrupting the rules of recognition to delay any understanding of the pieces.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin