What’s for dinner… !? The Little Museum

  • Little Museum
  • Exhibition
  • date:
  • 08.06.2019 - 01.09.2019


In the Little Museum, children and adults can discover works from the Province of Hainaut collection by focusing on one particular theme.

This time, starting out from artistic approaches based around food, What's for dinner... !? gives you the opportunity to follow the journey from the field to fork and questions our relationship with food by talking about economy, traditions, consumption and rituals through cultures and eras.

ARTISTS: Victor BEURIOT, Anne BOURGUIGNON, Marcel BROODTHAERS, Marius CARION, Magali CHAPITRE, Fabrice CLIO, Patrick COPPENS, Olivier CORNIL, Raymond COSSE, Ronald DAGONNIER, Auguste DANSE, Jan DE LAURÉ, Léon DEVOS, Jacques DORMONT, Philippe DRUMEL, Geneviève EECKAUT, Sylvie GINIS, Jean-Pierre HECQ, René HUIN, Michel JAMSIN, Emmanuelle LEPREUX, Dominique MAES, Marcel MARIËN, Thierry LENOIR, Eudore MISONNE, Jules MONTIGNY, Auguste MULLIEZ, Louis-François-Dominique ROBBE, Fernand ROUSSEAUX, André STAS, Raymond STERCK, Piet STOCKMANS, Thierry TILLIER, Marc VANDEMEULEBROEK, Véronique VERCHEVAL, Alice WARTEL, Bernard WILLOT & Alain WUILBAUT.