You can't scare me... !? Petit Musée

  • Exhibition
  • Little Museum
  • date:
  • 22.09.2018 - 06.01.2019

With this second exhibition of the Petit Musée, the BPS22 is reaffirming the particular attention it pays to children by enabling them, and the adults that accompany them, to discover works of art from the Province of Hainaut collection in a new way.

You can't scare me... !? reflects on the anguish and fear within us. What is it? Where does it come from? The thin line which separates them; how can we distinguish between archaic and present-day fears, imaginary or real fears, individual or collective fears?

ARTISTS : Pierre ALECHINSKY, Frédéric BLIN, Pauline CORNU, Claude GALLAND, Jane GRAVEROL, Jean RANSY, Félicien ROPS, Thierry TILLIER...