Spirit of ecstasy David Evrard

  • Ouvrage
  • year:
  • 2012

Dance. Funkadelic. Porsche. A Cube of smoke. Rauschenberg.
Improvisation. Hamburg. Theatre. Mars. Cargo cult. Great speeches. Mel Gibson. The Blacks Panthers. Hollywood... Spirit of Ecstasy is a novel telling a tale like a long acid trip where locations, eras, characters, lived and dreamed experiences all merge together, and where people simply awake to see the sun rise. The book seems to have been constructed from visions. It is pink and orange and purple and sparkling. There is smoke, flying geometric shapes, dance, sex and rhythm.

Komplot and Black Jack Editions, 2012. 224 p., ill. B/W.

€ 20 (excluding shipment costs)

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