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Opening weekendSamedi 20 et dimanche 21 février


During the weekend of September 19 and 20, come and discover the 4 new exhibitions at BPS22. Admission to the museum and guided tours are free of charge.

Is it possible to write an introduction to an exhibition catalogue thesedays without mentioning COVID? No, it isn’t, but we shouldn’t dwell on iteither. Just as a reminder, exhibition spaces are allowed to remain openin spite of the circumstances, and we need to take this opportunity.

So, the BPS22 is committed to an ambitious programme with four newexhibitions from February to May, including the first retrospective inBelgium of the British feminist, Margaret Harrison. Another exhibition isdedicated to the artist Petr Davydtchenko who, since the start of thepandemic, has been searching for a vaccine that would be available toeveryone free of charge. A utopia probably from another era, past orfuture, that is echoed in the radical experiments of the Ruptz collective,now forgotten, but which BPS22 wants to restore to its rightful place inthe Belgian avant-garde of the 1970s.

The 1970s! A time when art was lived abundantly, experienced intensely,shared alike by museums and commercial organisations, and where MailArt was an understated but fruitful offspring, as witnessed by the sensi-tive postal correspondence between Eric Adam and Bernard Boigelot,the subject of the second chapter of our cycle dedicated to this genre inFrench-speaking Belgium.

Of course, there are the Little Museum for families and activities for child-ren under twelve, until we can offer them to everyone.

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