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Brussels South AirportKrinzinger Projekte, Vienne

  • Hors-les-murs

After having invited curator Philippe Pirotte to show works by artists of the Flemish Community, Krizinger projekte launched the same invitation to the BPS22 for the Wallonia-Brussels Community. To avoid any global vision that would have associated the artists to a fictitious "community", the proposition of the BPS22 privileged individualities, underlining their diversity by focusing on their singularity.

The title of the show Brussels South Airport is a parody of the Charleroi airport in Brussels greater area, translating this will of associating the Wallonia-Brussels Community to the idea of a platform: a political entity formed by the people who inhabit it rather than by a geographic reality, circulating on the imperfectly defined "South of Brussels" territory, which is particularly restrained at European scale. The Community must therefore be considered as a place for encounters, a crossroad where countless different personalities meet, a space boasting both immigrants and immigrated.

Artists: Fernando Alvim, Orla Barry, Marcel Berlanger, Gast Bouschet, Jota Castro, Edith Dekyndt, Eric Duyckaerts, Patrick Everaert, Frédéric Gaillard, Kendell Geers, Jean-Luc Moerman, Juan Paparella, Benoît Platéus, Ivo Proovost & Simona Denicolaï, Raphaël Van Lerberghe.

Curated by: Pierre-Olivier Rollin