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Reopening of the museum on 18.02.2023!


Constructing landscapesPhilosophical teatime

  • Debate

This season, Maud Hagelstein offers to take you on a journey to discover contemporary works of art created with all life forms, building bridges to the world of other living beings.

Landscapes do not exist in a state of nature (Alain Roger). Nevertheless, they are formed, imagined, extended and shaped in art. How do we create landscapes? Some territories in particular have long resisted being “turned into landscapes”; they are too arid, too dry, too stifling. At first, early travellers perceived a mountain as a hostile environment unworthy of contemplation: they’d visit and come home again without having seen a single landscape. Mountains reared up in the wrong order, with their tightly gripped valleys and multiple broken angles. These days we’ve forgotten that poets and artists had to invent the mountain-scape; invent it and people it with living beings.

Snack offered by Macarena from Cooklisco.

SUN. 14.11.2021
14:30 > 16:00

Fee (entrance to the museum and tea time included)
Adults: € 10 Seniors, students and teachers: € 6
Article 27 entrance fee
Subscription (4 taster and up): € 6/taster


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