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POSTPONED - Study DayDesecration or consecration? Contemporary Art and Heritage Sites

  • Conference


Why are there so many exhibitions of contemporary art at heritage sites, whether that be castles, Renaissance palaces, military forts or listed natural sites? Why show contemporary art in such places when there have never before been so many museums, galleries, biennials, etc. in which to exhibit it? Is this proof of a new craze for contemporary art? Or is it the fact that heritage sites are of particular interest in terms of bringing their heritage into the present day? And what is the artists' point of view?

In order to answer all these questions and those arising from them, the FNRS contact group "Museums and Contemporary Art" and the BPS22 are organising a study day, with papers by Julie Bawin, Nancy Casielles, Bernard Marcelis, Jean-Hubert Martin, Marie Sourdeau, etc. It will also involve contributions from artists Alain Bornain, El Nino and Marie Zolamian.