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Utoportrait Charleroi


On the occasion of the second edition of Asphalte-Cutlure & Trottoirs, a project questioning the relation between cultures and public space, the city, the world appearing in Charleroi, the Utoportrait.

The 2016 Asphalte biennial marks the 350th anniversary of the city of Charleroi and Thomas More's Utopia 500th birthday. The concomitance of these two celebration proves the perfect occasion to shed light on an increasingly-essential task: putting in place a world in which we can inhabit and create the living spaces, mechanisms and models that will allow tomorrow to happen.

Utoportrait falls within the intention of giving back public space to the citizens and most importantly, to give the latter an opportunity to speak out and reveal their dreams, desires, and utopias.

Today, you can discover Utoportrait in a collector edition book encompassing portraits of more than 1487 citizens, including the BPS22 team and... you perhaps?

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