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Merci Facteur ! Mail art #6Janelas + Agathe Eristov Gengis Khan

  • Exhibition

Janelas (“windows” in Portuguese) is an initiative by artist Marc Buchy (Metz, 1988) and curator and writer Tiago de Abreu Pinto (Salvador de Bahia, 1984), launched during the pandemic. It involved sending a series of window envelopes to over 70 artists of 25 different nationalities living in 17 countries. Each envelope contained an invitation to participate, following a specific protocol: use the inside of the envelope so that the only space to show work was the “window”. This Mail art process has led artists to experiment with the materiality, spatiality, visibility, humour, political dimension and dissidence of this type of work.

Agathe Eristov Gengis Khan (Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1948 – Paris, 2015) is a French artist who, throughout her career, has developed the practice of mail art alongside painting, drawing and collage. She corresponded with the likes of Gilbert Lascault and Agnès Varda on a very frequent basis. During the last two years of her life, she fostered extensive dialogue with one of her Belgian friends, Guylaine Liétaert, who had previously studied her correspondence with another Belgian, Monique Claes. The exhibition features her poignant letters to Guylaine Liétaert, where she addresses her struggle with illness, while expressing her joy in creating things and her desire to share her passion for an art that brightens up everyday life.

Exhibition dates: 23 September 2023 to 7 January 2024
Opening on 22 September 2023 - 07:00 pm

Ignasi Aballí (Espagne), Constanza Alarcón Tennen (Chili), Albert Allgaier (Autriche), Apparatus 22 (Roumanie), Rodrigo Arteaga (Chili), Julia Aurora Guzmán (République dominicaine), Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver (Japon), Paula Baeza Pailamilla (Chili), Béatrice Balcou (France), Juan Castillo (Chili), Louis Clais (France), Claude Closky (France), Keren Cytter (Israël), Lenora de Barros (Brésil), Delight Lab (Chili), Denicolai & Provoost (Belgique), Paz Errázuriz (Chili), Petra Feriancová (Slovaquie), Ángela Ferrari (Argentine), Pietro Fortuna (Italie), Marcius Galan (Brésil), Juliette George (France), Steve Giasson (Quebec), Marie Glaize (France), Dalila Gonçalves (Portugal), Carla Grunauer (Argentine), Shuruq Harb (Palestine), Pablo Helguera (Mexique), IKHÉA©SERVICES (France), Luciana Janaqui (Perou), Narelle Jubelin (Austriche), Eleni Kamma (Grèce), Yazan Khalili (Palestine), Stefan Klein (Allemagne), Perrine Lacroix (France), colectivo LASTESIS (Chili), Matthieu Laurette (France), Pierre Leguillon (France), Hanne Lippard (Norvège), Annaïk Lou Piteloud (Suisse), Adrien Lucca (France), Ruggero Maggi (Italie), Fernando Marques Penteado (Brésil), Noé Martínez (Mexique), Jacqueline Mesmaeker (Belgique), Marianne Mispelaëre (France), Rokko Miyoshi (Japon), Guillermo Mora (Espagne), Óscar Muñoz (Colombie), neither (non spécifié), Irma Name (France), Ana Navas (Équateur), Yuki Okumura (Japon), Bernardo Oyarzún (Chili), Aurélie Petrel (France), Niels Poiz (Belgique), Pilar Quinteros (Chili), Camila Rocha (Bresil), Kurt Ryslavy (Autriche), Matthieu Saladin (France), Liv Schulman (Argentine), Self-Luminous Society (Belgique), María Sosa (Mexique), Eli Sudbrack (Brésil), Frans Van Lent (Pays-Bas), Mavi Veloso (Brésil), Puck Verkade (Pays-Bas), Els Vermang (Belgique), Pep Vidal (Espagne), Oriol Vilanova (Espagne), Ivana Vollaro (Argentine) en Elsa Werth (France)