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Aux Quatre ventsFrançois Martig

  • Performance

As the One Shot! showused up all the exhibition spaces at the BPS22, François Martig presented Aux quatre vents during a whole weekend. This project questions the landscape as a social, economic and political space, approaching such issues as consumption, the free circulation of goods and agro-food industrial lobbying. The artist unambiguously denounces the "Catalogue Officiel" (Official Catalogue) that prohibits old seeds from being sold, as they are not registered in the inventory. In this way, multinational corporations currently control 40% of the world seed market.

In an act of resistance, François Martig collects old seeds before distributing the latter across territories using carrier pigeons, balloons or still, through the distribution of seeds on local markets, actions that the artist reiterated in Charleroi within the framework of his collaboration with the BPS22.

Apart from the fact that this intent constitutes a veritable resistance strategy using standard methods, this project also aims more widely at creating new landscapes and new species in a planetary shuffling.