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  • Exhibition

Seven years after painting an immense mural on the wall of the BPS22, Jean-Luc Moerman returned with a solo exhibition showing the multiple facts of his work. The exhibition included a 360° mural painting that covered the walls of the BPS22's future extension measuring 2500 m². In addition, the artist also displayed canvases, drawing, sculptures, painted objects, oblique images, and other pieces, scattered with his organic shapes.

The work of Jean-Luc Moerman is characterised by indefinable shapes formed with black lines and filled with spots of bright colour. He was therefore categorised as a graffiti artist very early on. However, beyond the diverse influences which can be picked up from his work, an analysis reveals that his art is the product of constant drawing. The great variety and unsuspecting technical wealth of his formal universe lends Moerman's work a dynamic that allows him to transcend the notion of mediums. Although his paintings meet the criteria of classical painting without difficulty, they effortlessly surpass the boundaries of their framework, or the boundaries of the receiving space.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin