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Faire signeA selection of works of the Hainaut Province collection

  • Hors-les-murs

Resulting from a partnership between La Criée, Rennes Centre for Contemporary Art and the BPS22, Faire Signe proposed a selection of works of the Hainaut Province collection from Surrealism to today in Rennes.

This selection was declined in three propositions of vision and journeys: poetic divagation, the criticism of social codes and finally, political questioning, thereby offering fascinating angles between very different artists and works.

If every work in a collection and page of history requires a veritable requirement in terms of analysis and research, the works are also there to remind us how self-criticism, humour and our relation to sensitiveness are the fundamentals of our opening onto the world. The associations put in place by the curator between the various works of this show, as evident, curious or paradoxical as they might be, participated to the desire to enjoy what artworks offer us to protect these openings that are so many precious spaces of freedom.

: Art & Language, Alighiero e Boetti, Marcel Broodthaers, Edith Dekyndt, Wim Delvoye, Patrick Everaert, Michel François, René Magritte, Marcel Mariën, Frank Scurti, Cindy Sherman, Studio 65, Barthélémy Toguo.

: Larys Frogier