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  • Hors-les-murs

Fluide 2015 invites contemporary artists to occupy the city of Thuin and create aesthetic disorder to reignite its heritage. Fluide offers the opportunity to discover contemporary art away from dedicated galleries and it is an invitation to see the environment around us in a new light.

Artists: Olivier Cornil, Charleroi (BE), 1976 - John Cornu, Seclin (FR), 1976 - Jérôme Considérant, Charleroi (BE), 1977 - Sara Conti, Baudour (BE), 1971 - Michael Dans, Verviers (BE), 1971 - DSCTHK: Thibaut Blondiau, Brussels (BE), 1973 and Jérôme André, Brussels(BE), 1972 - Daniel Fauville, Charleroi (BE), 1953 - Djos Janssens, Brussels (BE), 1972 - Olivier Kosta-Thefaine, Paris (FR), 1972 - Sophie Langohr, Chênée (BE), 1974 -Christine Mawet, Rocourt (BE), 1971 - Ludovic Mennesson, Lille (FR), 1985 - Société Volatile: Philémon Vanorlé, Brussels (BE), 1980 and Arnaud Verley, Roubaix (FR), 1980 - Xavier Rijs, Brussels (BE), 1954 - Jonathan Sullam, Brussels (BE), 1979 - Christophe Terlinden, Etterbeek (BE), 1969 - Adrien Tirtiaux, Brussels (BE), 1980 - Stephan Vee, Charleroi (BE), 1970.

Exhibition curator: Dorothée Duvivier - BPS22

City Tour
The vernissage will take place on Saturday, June 20th at 5 pm in Thuin (place du Chapitre)

For further information, please call +3271 59 60 35

In the program of Mons 2015, the European Capital of Culture

A production of the Thuin-Haute Sambre Cultural Centre and the Mons 2015 Foundation in partnership with the BPS22