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  • Dance

For the fifth Charleroi/Dance Biennial, the BPS22 put on a show designed as an installation by the Mossoux- Bonté Company. A combination of dance, theatre, performance and visual arts, Generations presented a network of thirteen personalities who had spent a year in classes, exchanging lessons on gesture. The dancers formed a network comprised of 'points of escape', in convergent directions, with each body at a different angle.

Each performer occupied one point in the space for the entirety of the performance. Spectators were invited to move around them, at any moment and from any viewpoint, to be able to connect to the network formed by the dancers. The network appeared to connect and then disconnect, like a permanently evolving organism. For a duration of three hours, the installation/show was open to the public like an exhibition, where spectators could come in at a given time slot and remain for as long as they wished to.