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Mon Colonel & SpitExtra View

  • Exhibition

This twosome of artists made up of Eric Bassleer, aka Mon Colonel (Liège, 1974) and Thomas Stiernon, aka Spit (Liège 1977), was formed after the breakup of "The ERS" project. The works that they produce together are essentially made up of watercolours on paper brimming over with words, sentences and drawings drawn from their daily lives. Using the same elements, they have been making some incredible ceramics these past few years.

Polaroid photographs tell of their everyday lives, and work as additional, albeit little-known, aspect to their work, illustrating another facet of their universe. This production reveals one of the duo's inspirations and offers a new entryway inside their creation, which the BPS22 has chosen to showcase during this exhibition.

Curators : Nancy Casielles & Dorothée Duvivier

18.11.2017 > 07.01.2018
An exhibition to discover in parallel to Raphaël Zarka's show.