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Nicolas GaillardonGalerie V2 - Vecteur

  • Hors-les-murs

As the team handed over the keys of the BPS22 for the renovation works, it proposed an exhibition by Nicolas Gaillardon at the Vecteur's V2 gallery in Charleroi. This programming fell into the framework of the seventh edition of Young Creation biennial Watch This Space, a group event of the 50° north collective focusing on this occasion on the notion of frontier(s).

Initially trained as a technical engineer and topographer, the young Lille-born artist rapidly shifts his career to fine arts. From his civil engineering training, Nicolas Gaillardon maintains a precise work method: realisation of technical plans, study of materials' behaviours, tracings, re-dimensioning of elements, etc. His artistic intent essentially leans on symbolic reversal, whilst the artist draws from the images of his daily and media life before diverting, re-framing, retouching them and modifying their scale to give them a simultaneously disturbing, almost human size. Playing with codes, Nicolas Gaillardon blurs the frontier between reality and illusion, true and fake.

Curator: Dorothée Duvivier