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  • Exhibition

In 2012, in the very unique context of the international financial crisis, Gianni Motti proposed to the BPS22 a radical gesture that would shake attitudes, of visitors as well as the museum team.
Entitled Swap, the exhibition by Gianni Moti (born in Sandrio, Italy in 1958) dealt with the economic relationships that underpin society. The artist chose to address the problem of public debt and to divert the exhibition's production budget towards a critical reflection. His main piece, Swap, consisted of a plaque, a brief utterance in the white space of the BPS22, explaining the financial transaction being carried out in the museum; the exhibition's production budget was used to buy a share of the Italian public debt.
The exhibition also featured a video entitled Funds Show, which showed the floor of an empty art gallery being gradually covered by 10 euro notes falling from the sky. Lastly, a poster structured in the form of a photo-book, shows Mario Monti, then President of Italian Council of Ministers and previously a consultant at Goldman Sachs, boasting of the 'political' advantages of great economic crises.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin