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Stijn Cole - Marthe WéryExtra View - Variations sur les mêmes thèmes

  • Exhibition

Stijn Cole (Ghent, 1978) has been living in the region of Chimay for several years now. He is involved in a multidisciplinary work (painting, photo, drawing, sculpture) which draws on his origins in the history of art. For his exhibition at the BPS22, he chose to start out from the Calais series, a collection of 21 paintings by Marthe Wéry belonging to BPS22. Cole went back to the beach of Calais and, like Wéry, took a series of photos facing the sea with its numerous suggestions of monochromes (the blue of the sky blends with the grey of the sea). He went on to make different paintings which methodologically decompose the chromatic spectrum. A delicate exercise, between intellectual precision and practical sensitivity, in the style of Marthe Wéry.

EXTRA VIEW = An exhibition to discover in parallel to Black Horizon, the exhibition of Erik Bulatov and Andrei Molodkin.

Interview de STIJN COLE