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  • Exhibition

The Quest was the second part of the exhibition designed by Honoré δ'O (born in Oudenaarde, 1961) for the Belgian Pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennial. It is the biggest installation ever to be displayed at the BPS22.

The installation was displayed as a fresco where different visual elements, particularly sculptures and videos, combined and interacted. It was perceived as a three-dimensional drawing; the flexible and light materials used by the artist, including pipes and paper, lent the installation a freedom within the space, resembling a brush stroke across a canvas.

Constructed around draped paper suspended in the space, the installation was at once a coherent visual whole and a sum of micro-gestures made by the artist over the course of his quest/life. The shapes, images, sounds, materials, colours and textures interacted to create networks of signs and meanings borrowed from the life of the artist and the memory of his Venetian quest. This introspective yet playful Quest was further developed by the artist several times, notably during the Busan Biennial in 2006.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin