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  • Exhibition

The Rest of Us was the first exhibition by the photographer Frédéric Lefever (born in Charleroi, 1965) to take place in Belgium. Several of his emblematic pieces, such as the Sperlonga series portraying strange carcasses of buildings and stadiums, were contrasted with new prints taken during a photography assignment on the Walloon region.

For over a year, Frédéric Lefever travelled through the francophone provinces to photograph private buildings, rejecting sordid stereotypes and fictional ideas based on voluntarism and identity. He consistently prioritised the individual condition, from an extremely personal perspective away from the beaten path. In the exhibition, he displayed a subjective portrait of the southern region of the country, viewed through the paradoxical prism of its (invisible) inhabitants made known through their homes. This work was combined with previous photographs taken in different European countries.

The title of the exhibition, The Rest of Us, or Nous Autres in French, is a deliberate borrowing from a popular expression of French-speaking Belgians. It summarises a double movement of identity independence and assimilation with others, a term particularly adapted to Lefever's work with all its nuances, subtleties and distant proximity.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin