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  • Exhibition

A collaboration between the BPS22 and the Palais de Tokyo, Universal Exhibition (1 &2) proposed to hold two complementary and simultaneous exhibitions in these two locations, with a generic title. Both exhibitions were designed by Jota Castro (born in Lima, 1965), one of the most committed artists of his generation.
Initially a diplomat at the United Nations and the European Union, Jota Castro has a profound knowledge of the world of politics and a unique ability to address the greater issues in current affairs. His work focuses on the roots of social problems via mutating works that examine our perceptions of the world and the system of information that shapes them. In a world dominated by media, Jota Castro delivers precise information and scrutinises problems that are simultaneously current, concrete and global. Without settling the debate or trying to please or convince spectators, he defines new and necessary strategies of resistance. The exhibition at the BPS22 also marked the acquisition of Castro's Protestor's Survival Guide by the Hainaut Province. The guide is in the form of a journal which in particular informs protestors of their rights.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin