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Let there be light! Contemporary art and lightAperitif conferences

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Visibility depends on light, whether daylight or artificial; it constantly surrounds us, but we pay it no particular attention. Clearly, light is the essential medium of the visual arts. Originally, light was a potent artistic symbol and its representation was associated with knowledge and power. Light becomes the primary medium of photography and cinema, then in the twentieth century, an artistic subject in its own right. Taking a brief history of the relationship between light and art as its starting point, the lecture presents the approach of several contemporary artists who have studied light and/or used it in a particular way.

SAT. 10.10.2020
11:00 > 12:30

Prices (Museum entry and aperitif included)

Adults: €10
Seniors, students, teachers: €6
Ticket Article 27
Subscription (from 4 conferences onward): €6/conference


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