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Exceptional museum closure on Friday 19.04.2024


OpeningBanks Violette

  • Vernissage

From 10 February to 5 May 2024, the BPS22 takes you on a journey to discover Banks Violette in an exhibition marking his big comeback. Be among the first to see this new presentation when it opens on 9 February, from 7:00 p.m.

In a highly consistent trajectory, the American artist employs a constant aesthetic contrast between black and white; a contrast that resonates with oppositions between noise and silence, presence and absence, gothic romanticism and minimalism that make up this exhibition.

Find his new creations, particularly those produced in collaboration with the well-known fashion house Celine, alongside his historical works, which include monumental installations.


The youngest visitors can (re)discover an educational presentation from the mediation team with Happy art/counts for nothing...?! At a child’s eye-level, the Museum invites you to thwart the clichés about contemporary art by exploring a selection of works from its collections.

Opening on 9 February 2024
7:00 > 11:00 p.m.
+ Later to the Rockerill
The Shits (UK) + Mighty Dan (BE)

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