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Sleeping on the concrete IIIAlexis Deconinck

  • Restitution Résidence

Invited by the BPS22 as part of the Watch This Space #11 biennial (a programme dedicated to emergent creations coordinated by 50° north cross-border network of contemporary art), Alexis Deconinck takes up a residency in Charleroi and tackles the city’s major renovation projects, particularly the one hindering access to the museum. The artist chooses to hijack the control and protection devices that have been put in place in order to design exhibits that are more likely to resonate with the imagination of users...

A professionally trained architect, Alexis Deconinck creates exhibits and sculptures of which the common characteristic is to offer the inhabitants the possibility of reconquering urban spaces that have become commonplace, or even ignored, and to question our ways of living, moving, playing, socialising or simply relaxing. Whether he hijacks concrete traffic dividers to make urban furniture or folds construction site fences in the style of origami, the artist transforms the field of art into a permanent construction site (and vice versa) and questions the space in order to reveal its points of rupture or balance.

At the end of each week of his residency, Alexis Deconinck offers the BPS22 moments to meet, present his projects and restitution of his ongoing research.

SAT. 11.12.2021 - 12:30

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L’exposition d’Alexis Deconinck s’inscrit dans la biennale Watch This Space #11 dédiée à la création émergente et coordonnée par le réseau transfrontalier d’art contemporain 50° nord.