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Artist in residence : Sara Létourneau


The BPS22 welcomes multi-disciplinary artist Sara Létourneau to a two-month residence as part of a partnership with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Bang Centre.

Sara Létourneau is an artist, musician, comedian and performer from Chicoutimi, Quebec. Although she has worked on many collective projects over the past few years, she will use the residency to concentrate on her individual creativity.

Sara Létourneau is planning to work around the idea of the witch as wise woman, powerful and creative, but caring too, listening to nature and the world that surrounds her. The witch is also an eco-feminist symbol, because these autonomous women healers were persecuted in the past because of their knowledge and relationship with nature, among other things.

Recently arrived in Charleroi, the artist is immersing herself in the town's landscapes between the factories and the slag heaps. Over the next few weeks, she will spend time meeting the region's different actors, particularly women actors, and exploring the creative possibilities.

Sara Létourneau will present her sources of inspiration during the Snack Encounter on 13 December. Be there!

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