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Jérôme Giller at the Centre Bang


As part of a partnership between the BPS22 and the CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec), the artist Jérôme Giller is in residence, from January to April 2023, at the Bang contemporary art centre, in Saguenay (Quebec). It is an opportunity for this visual artist to try his practice of exploring territories with a disturbing, concealing and revealing element: snow.

Visual artist, walker

Jérôme Giller is interested in the tracks and traces left on the landscape by humans and societies. Since 2010, he has been reflecting on urban and peri-urban territories using walking as a method and tool for artistic creation.

Jérôme Giller is a walking artist who surveys chosen territories and thus physically and poetically intellectualises them; the body of the walker becoming a specific and sensitive unit of measurement. His works come to life in the form of performances, temporary occupations of spaces, stealth activities, samples, etc. His practice is often intended to be participatory and collaborative; the artist therefore invites the public to walk with him and relies on the knowledge and expertise of the people he meets to develop his work and his actions. It is then through the creation of documents, files, drawings, texts, videos and photographs that the artist reports on his presence, the actions taken and his view of the territories he has travelled.

Snowy territory

In the winter of 2023, the cold climate posed a significant challenge to the artist-explorer. The snow sculpts the landscape and acts paradoxically as a revelatory and concealing element at the same time. The snow isolates and highlights any vertical element that is not white, and holds the marks of a passage or an action for some time. But the snow covers, hides and extracts a whole part of the human landscape from view to reveal another, more immaculate one.

Snow is the breadcrumb trail from home. It allows him to unravel and reweave the territory and landscapes. Linking, tracing, mapping, revealing (new) geographies. Take a look at the environments and spaces, time and life cycles in Chicoutimi and anchor a part of yourself there… “Enter into a relationship with the territory of Chicoutimi by doing things that, at first glance, lead nowhere, but which testify to a co-presence” (Jérôme Giller).

Jérôme Giller was born in 1973. He has lived and worked in Brussels since 2003.

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