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Maxence Mathieu


This winter, while the Quebec artist Marie-Andrée Pellerin was in residence at the BPS22, Maxence Mathieu was the 2017 French-speaking Belgian artist in residence at the Centre d'art actuel Bang (Bang Centre), in Chicoutimi, Canada.

Initially intended as an immediate creation project, little by little Maxence's residence turned into an intense experience of research and reflection following the Bang Centre's offer to devote an entire exhibition to him in its 2019 programme.

During the two months of his residence, Maxence met and spoke with numerous artists, theorists and art professionals in Quebec. He also continued his research into the relationship we have with the real, the imaginary, the virtual, the different states of conscience, and tried to identify anomalies, interferences and breaches. From popular tales to quantum physics by way of Jean Baudrillard, and Marc Augé... his residence was a laboratory of thought and reflections.

Maxence Mathieu also met with his audience; here is the account of one of his conferences at the Bang Centre: "Since the start of his residence at the Bang Centre, Maxence Mathieu has been investigating the relationship that can exist between fictitious and real space. His project proposal, which is currently in the reflection and realisation phase, is about the desire to create a dissensus or political, cultural, geological, administrative anomaly... in the ‘institutional' consensus which makes up reality. The process aims to create a permanent back and forth between art and non-art in order to question a vision that is sometimes "too Duchamp" and dominant in current art. The subject of his study was to dissolve the impermeable membranes that close art in on itself and, inversely, to inject art into reality. As Robert Rauschenberg once said: "It is neither Art for Art, nor Art against Art. I am for Art, but for Art that has nothing to do with Art. Art has everything to do with life, but it has nothing to do with Art".