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The Audacious, here we go again !


Four classes of young people from different backgrounds took over the museum again this year to discover all its facets and become torchbearers of culture in turn.

The project runs in three phases throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. The first phase of the project involves four classes from different school years who visit the Museum regularly for workshops and meetings with artists and BPS22 staff members.

The second phase enlarges the audience by including new school groups. For one day, The Audacious take over the BPS22 and become their guides.

The third and fourth phases take this experience even further and involve the general public. On the Saturday of The BPS22 for Children free weekend, the Audacious welcome their families and also act as guides to all the visitors; adults are entertained by the initiative and children are enthralled by these unlikely young people versed in contemporary art.

The pupils who take part are from year 6 of the Cobeaux primary school (Charleroi), year 11 of the Pie X secondary school (Châtelineau), year 12 and 13 art classes from the Couillet CECS and a group of young people from Solidarcité (Charleroi A.J.M.O.).

This BPS22 initiative was awarded the 2018 Prix aKCess and is supported by Prométhéa.