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Exceptional museum closure on Friday 19.04.2024




Together, Caterpillar employees and artist duo Stéphanie & David Brognon created an art piece.

Following the September closure of the Caterpillar Site, a group of workers decided to collaborate with the BPS22 Musée d'art de la Province de Hainaut artists Stéphane Rollin & David Brognon to complete an artwork symbolising the work accomplished in the factory over decades.

The work evolves since February 2017 and, after a series of passionate and enriching exchanges, is taking the shape of a giant turnstile. Inspired by the turnstile bordering the Gosselies plant, this giant barrier does not give access to something but inevitably forces the walker to retrace its steps. Human is crushed and sucked inside the mechanism of the imposing sculpture symbolising the power of industry and international corporations. However, Mankind is at the very heart of this piece since its action alone allows turning the turnstile.

Entailing the expertise and participation of many workers from various workstations, the piece was made in the factory using materials generally used to manufacture civil engineering equipment.

Come and discover this artwork on 7-8 October at the BPS22 in the presence of all the interveners who contributed to this project.

A project by David BROGNON, Sergio BRUNO, Alain DURIEUX, Jean-Pierre HENIN, Pascal MARTENS and Stéphanie ROLLIN.

With the collaboration of Amélie DETOLLENAERE, Emmanuel DI MATTIA, Jérôme DURANT, Olivier FORATIER, Mohammed LIBDRI, Dimitri LILLIS, Frédérique MITTENAERE, Didier RUBAN, Geoffrey SAUDEMONT, etc.

Coordination: Nancy CASIELLES & Amélie DETOLLENAERE

11:00 > 19:00
Public presentation of the artwork

More information soon!