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  • Exhibition

The Brussels Biennial took place in two disused buildings in the extended area of the Gare du Midi. The BPS22 was asked to participate in the first and only festival, and chose to invite mounir fatmi to reflect on a rereading of modernity, as incarnated by the urbanistic North-South axis of Brussels.

The work of mounir fatmi (born in Tangier, 1970) deals with deconstruction, the desacralisation of religious objects and the end of dogma and ideology. His videos, installations, paintings or sculptures reflect our current ambiguities, doubts, fears and desires.

Fuck Architects was a three-part exhibition spread across New York, Thiers and finally Brussels. For the third exhibition in Brussels, the artist examines the tutelary role of the architect and architecture with its multiplicity of functions.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin