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Émelyne DuvalAnachronismes

  • Exhibition

Dedicated to the tradition of collage, Émelyne Duval (Lobbes, 1987) is an artist whose work constantly extends into a subtle dialogue between collage, painting, photography and drawing. Her work mainly involves collecting images, rescuing ancient documents and old papers laden with history and stories that she cuts out and reroutes with delicacy, poetry and a certain type of derision. Incessantly juxtaposing items that we would forget instantly were they seen in isolation, Émelyne Duval gives or returns meaning to them, revisiting and reactivating them through the prism of multiple semantic arrangements. This exploratory layout engenders associations between meanings, and plural attempts at narration that unsettle our usual ways of seeing the world.

In this exhibition, the artist fills the museum's Entresol with past works and more recent ones, offering a glimpse of how her oeuvre has developed over the past ten years or so. From the perspective of a methodical exploration of the illustrated image, it is a true archaeology of the imaginary, displayed through the (re)compositions on show. The aesthetic and visual power of the newly created compositions lies in the skilful association of eclectic items, all of which place great emphasis on anachronisms.


: Camille Hoffsummer
Exhibition from 20.05 to 27.08.2023
Opening: 19.05.2023

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