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Erik Bulatov - Andrei MolodkinBLACK HORIZON

  • Exhibition

The second part of the collaboration between the BPS22 and a/political, the exhibition BLACK HORIZON brings together for the first time two Russian artists from different generations, Erik Bulatov (1933) and Andrei Molodkin (1966).

A key figure amongst the "Muscovite conceptualists" and close to Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Bulatov drew inspiration from Soviet propaganda to nurture a style of painting which subtly summarises the history of art. Starting out from a few popular expressions (HACPATь which means "shit on") written in Russian, he paints monumental canvases which destabilise the spectator through an illusion of depth which, in turn is alternated with typographic elements. Created in The Foundry, Molodkin's production site in the south of France, new and exceptional canvases by the artist are exhibited for the very first time.

Andrei Molodkin's huge installation Young Blood, immerses the visitor in a clinical and video environment in which letters fill up with human blood. These letters form phrases taken from young people's slang and offer a synthetic vision of culture and the preoccupations of young people.

Interview de l'artiste ERIK BULATOV