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  • Exhibition

Born 35 years ago, punk continues to influence all forms of art from music to literature, from the performing arts to fashion and visual art. However, the purely artistic dimension of the punk movement's visual element had not yet been explored in an exhibition or any other production. Europunk hoped to fill this gap by displaying the wealth of punk visual art in Europe during the second half of the 1970s.

The BPS22 exhibition was designed by Éric de Chassey, director of the French Academy in Rome, with the collaboration of Fabrice Stroun, an independent curator associated with the Mamco in Geneva. Nearly 500 works of art, documents and other items produced between 1976-1980 were displayed in the exhibition, while bringing to the forefront personalities such as Jamie Reid, Malcolm McLaren and the Bazooka Collective. Patrick Codenys, a band member of Front 242, designed a sound installation to play a mix tape of his memories of the period.

Commissariat: Éric de Chassey and Fabrice Stroun