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Laurent MoletMaster of Puppets

  • Exhibition

Loyal to the Charleroi region in heart and spirit, Laurent Molet pursues the longstanding artistic tradition of collage, pushing at the boundaries of its critical scope. If this activity is an integral part of his life, just as he noisily supports the Sporting de Charleroi football club, listens to hard rock music, roams the streets on his bicycle and has fun with his close friends, he never lets it become a purely aesthetic pleasure. It inevitably goes hand-in-hand with critical observation, occasionally sombre or tender, of today’s world that is expressed by a combination of strong, unswerving images. For this exhibition, the artist transforms the project room into a workshop, all the while producing the work he presents to the public. A unique gaze, sharp as a knife, rough and ready but always constructive, like the title of the album of Metallica that gives its name to his exhibition.

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