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Marthe WéryWorks, studies and documents in the BPS22 collections

  • Exhibition

A major Belgian artist of the second half of the twentieth century who enjoyed international recognition, Marthe Wéry (1930-2005) produced a rich, rigorous body of work exploiting all the possibilities of the base components of painting.

Designed based on the BPS22 collections, the exhibit shows Marthe Wéry's entire oeuvre, with special attention to pieces and ensembles that have never been shown or have only rarely been shown. In 2012, a large donation of the family to the BPS22 enriched a collection that already boasted several large pieces that had been acquired gradually by the Hainaut Province.

The exhibition thus offers an overall vision over her entire work and that comprises key pieces as well as many rare and never seen before documents.
An essential (re)discovery !