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Metamorphic earthNadine Hilbert & Gast Bouschet - Music by Stephen O'Malley

  • Exhibition

Over the past few years, Luxembourg duet Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet have developed a multifaceted body of work at the crossroads of several media (video, photography, sound, etc.) and disciplines (visual arts, music, dance). In Metamorphic Earth, immense video projection and complex sound constructions plunge the spectator in a bewitching universe where he loses his physical marks and where fascination clashes with anxiety.

The exhibition questions the metamorphosis of the planet, the role of Man and his place in the cosmic order, induced by the intense physical and emotional experience offered by the artists.

21.01.17 - 20:00

Dance performance by Alkistis Dimech with live music by Kevin Muhlen.
Concert by Stephen O'Malley.
Both events will be accompanied by new video screenings.

In the framework of Asphalte#2, Cultures et Trottoirs

Antibody Nation - Documentary of Yannick Franck (2022)