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  • Exhibition

This was the first large exhibition by the artist Johan Muyle to take place in Belgium. A real spectacle, the exhibition allowed the public entry into Muyle's artistic universe.

Johan Muyle (born in Charleroi, 1956) is one of the most active contemporary Belgian artists on the international scene. His primary focus is assembling miscellaneous objects, sometimes within large installations. The common themes of these installations are ironic situations or popular expressions, as these often feature derision and attempts to understand the complexity of the world and human relationships.
The title of the exhibition (No) More Opium for the Masses, Plus d'opium pour le peuple in French, is a distortion of Karl Marx's famous quote on religion. The use of the adverb 'plus' in French lends the quote a new ambiguity as it can express an increase but also cessation. This title immediately illustrates the conceptual and ethical concerns of the artist, such as the subservience of the masses, the connection between popular and high culture, and creolisation.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin