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  • Exhibition

Storage showed a selection of works from the Hainaut Province Collection at the BPS22 in a display resembling a depot. In the absence of rails or any other form of structure on which to display the works in the best conditions, they were placed on the floor in rows, as they might be placed in a museum warehouse. Presented in a state of latency, as if they could at any moment be chosen for a form of permanent exhibition, these works were a reminder of the need for a provincial museum.

With a wealth of over 7000 pieces, the Hainaut Province collection has been structured around three main areas since the 1980s. These three areas, which are the criteria for all purchases, are : art in Hainaut, Surrealism and the relationship between art and society. This unique collection is open to artists from Hainaut as well as national and international visual artists, although the core of the collection is still comprised of artists who have a connection to the province. Among others, this includes Johan Muyle (born in Charleroi, 1956) who contributed to Storage with his mobile installation called Holyworld. Over nine metres high, the piece was hung on the front of the BPS22.

Artists: Alighiero e Boetti, Fernando Alvim, Elodie Antoine, Marcel Arnould, Art & Language, Frédéric Blin, Antoine Bourlard, Gast Bouschet, Marcel Broodthaers, Marie-Ange Cambruzzi, Anto Carte, Jota Castro, Magali Chapitre, Hervé Charles, Jacques Charlier, Tony Cragg, François Curlet, Ronald Dagonnier, Daniel Daniel, Michael Dans, Edith Dekyndt, Willem Delsaux, Wim Delvoye, Denmark, Laurence Dervaux, Léon Devos, Peter Downsbrough, Eric Duyckaerts, Patrick Everaert, Jan Fabre, Willy Filz, Michel François, Michel Frere, Fromanger, Frédéric Gailliard, Bertrand Gallant, Pablo Garcia Rubio, Bernard Gilbert, Guerilla Girls, Bénédicte Henderick, Gudny-Rosa Ingimarsdottir, Marin Kasimir, Mariusz Kruk, Pierre Lefebvre, Marcel Lefrancq, Jacques Lizène, Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Michaël Matthys, Constantin Meunier, Johan Muyle, Aimé Ntakiyica, Pierre Paulus, Benoît Plateus, Eric Poitevin, Elio Rodriguez, Sylvie Ronflette, Benoît Roussel, Frank Scurti, Alain Sechas, Andres Serrano, Cindy Sherman, Beat Streuli, Sven't Jolle, Walter Swennen, Tapta, Koen Theys, Thierry Tillier, Barthélémy Togo, Didier Vermeiren, Piero Vita, Massimo Vitali, Andy Warhol, Marthe Wéry

Exhibition curator : Pierre-Olivier Rollin