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  • Exhibition

The BPS22 is presenting an exhibition by the Atelier IMAGES DANS LE MILIEU [Images in the Medium Workshop] in celebration of 33 years of Jean-François Octave’s leadership. Works of artists who are former students rub shoulders with those of current students, underlining the distinctiveness of this unusual workshop. A book in the form of an alphabetical primer will also be published for the exhibition.

ARTISTS: Muriel ADAM, Igor ADAMSKIY, Manu BAYON, Thalia BEAUCLAIR, Marie BERTRAND, C.E.C. BLANC MURMURE, Maïa BLONDEAU, Philippe BOUILLON, Jérôme BOULANGER, Julien BRUNET, Sacha BULUK, Samuel COISNE, Thibault DANHAIVE, Hassan DARSI, Micha DERIDDER, Thibaut DROUILLON, Arnaud EECKHOUT & Sébastien HERICKX, Julien GERBER, Rémy HANS, HELL’O, Coline HONORE, Virginie HUYGHEBAERT, Stéphanie KERCKAERT, Manon LOUIS, Karine MARENNE, Jean-François OCTAVE, Brigitte RIBAUCOURT, Sylvie RONFLETTE, Edurne RUBIO & Maria JEREZ, Emmanuel SELVA, Gladys SIDDI, Maxime VAN ROY & Thibault MADELINE, VOID.

SATURDAY 21.11.2020 - 10.00 > 18.00
Opening day with guided tour

EXHIBITION : 21.11.2020 > 03.01.2021

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