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  • Exhibition

The BPS22 is presenting an exhibition by the Atelier IMAGES DANS LE MILIEU [Images in the Medium Workshop] in celebration of 33 years of Jean-François Octave’s leadership. Works of artists who are former students rub shoulders with those of current students, underlining the distinctiveness of this unusual workshop. A book in the form of an alphabetical primer will also be published for the exhibition.

ARTISTS: Manu BAYON, Philippe BOUILLON, Julien BRUNET, C.E.C. BLANC MURMURE, Samuel COISNE, Hassan DARSI, Micha DERRIDER, Julien GERBER, Rémy HANS, HELL’O, Stéphanie KERCKAERT, Karine MARENNE, Jean-François OCTAVE, Brigitte RIBAUCOURT, Sylvie RONFLETTE, Edurne RUBIO, Emmanuel SELVA, Maxime VAN ROY, VOID... and some students.

SATURDAY 21.11.2020 - 10.00 > 18.00
Opening day with guided tour

EXHIBITION : 21.11.2020 > 03.01.2021

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