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Research Notebook #3Sara Létourneau

Sara Létourneau has long been an eco-feminist. She turned her residence at Charleroi into a true sharing of feelings between women from a variety of backgrounds and different life journeys. She has been part of several collectives, spoken at festive events and created rituals around the figure of the witch.

With the assistance of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Charleroi where she took courses in ceramics, Sara Létourneau produced the installations Les Feuilles mortes (Dead Leaves) and 28 tasses (28 cups) presented in this Cahier de recherches (Research Notebook #3). It also contains her original poem La Sorcière (The Witch), an ode to woman, sisterhood, and the living, which she embroidered on large black quilts exhibited at the BPS22.

Texts by Marielle Jennifer Couture, Dorothée Duvivier and Sara Létourneau.

BPS22 Hainaut Art Museum Publications, 2021
Language: French - English
46 pages; colour illustrations.
Price: €5 (excl. shipping fees)

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