Teresa Margolles You fall in line or they put you in line

  • Exhibition
  • date:
  • 28.09.2019 - 05.01.2020

The BPS22 is hosting the first solo exhibition in Belgium by Teresa Margolles (1963). She is a native of Culiacán, a city at the heart of drug trafficking, and studied forensic medicine to have access to the morgues which for her represent the real social barometer of her country. She thus started her artistic practice with cadavers in order to place the murders ravaging Mexico at the centre of public debate. 

In 2006, following president Calderón's decision to launch a war against the drug traffickers, violence has spread even more in Mexico. Since then, corpses have been omnipresent in the public space and Teresa Margolles has reoriented her artistic work by leaving the morgue for the streets. She has started to harvest the raw materials for her work from the streets and continues to show, through minimalist works, the direct consequences of these killings on communities and the running of cities.

For her exhibition at the BPS22, several of the artist's iconic works will be exhibited alongside newer pieces. Teresa Margolles has created pieces linked to Charleroi. As in her entire body of work, she addresses the human condition and the normalisation of social exclusion. The exhibition demonstrates the artist's willingness to come face to face with reality, here and elsewhere, in order to bring local social issues to a global scale. 

Curator: Nancy Casielles