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  • Exhibition

Originally from Johannesburg, Kendell Geers was deeply affected by apartheid. A provocative artist, he inevitably addresses moral and political problems, while offering a critical reflection on the context of art and its modes of exhibition, on the artistic institution and its actors. A product of his time, he explores and criticises our world head on, warning against alienation, whether subversive or open, which can result from the objects, images and situations of our daily lives.

Kendall Geers is often inspired by the context of the regions where his exhibitions take place, and so for Charleroi, he proposed a project focusing on two themes: the political usage of violence and fire. The first is a reference to the legend surmising that two members of the Bonnot Gang lived in Charleroi. The second theme, fire, refers to the founding of the city by Charles II of Spain, who was the commander of the greatest auto-da-fé of the Spanish Inquisition. These two strong themes visibly materialised in the exhibition space. In collaboration with Patrick Codenys, the artist also presented his first Red Sniper performance.

Exhibition Curator: Pierre-Olivier Rollin