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Cassette DiaryAiki Onda

  • Exhibition
  • Performance

While Europunk occupied the BPS22, Japanese musician Aki Onda, who practices field recording, intervened in the only noiseless space left empty for his intervention.

Known for cassettes memories in which he offers an intimate journal built on sound ambiances and atmospheres recorded on cassettes before being mixed, Aki Onda (Nara-Japan, 1967) is a musician, composer, producer, photographer and visual artist. Armed with his microphone, he travels the world, compiling recordings before sampling, modulating and superimposing them. His work on sound is essentially based on an in-depth exploration of the possibilities of a seemingly banal, limited device that he elevates to the rank of musical instrument: the Dictaphone or recording Walkman. His work is a metaphor of human memory and its imperfections, where time intervenes mysteriously, in a manner that is difficult to control to distort and blur memories.
The exhibition was shown at the BPS22 on an initiative of the Charleroi Médiathèque, and presented a selection of reliquary cassettes; so many fragments of memory revealing the places they hold within them. A performance at the BPS22 and a workshop of the artist at the Wiels supported this exhibition.