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Sara LétourneauSnack encounters #3

  • Debate

Spend lunchtime at the BPS22 enjoying a unique and quirky look at a well-known figure talking about the sources for their inspiration, from the most obvious to the most surprising: unexpected passions, unusual lectures, hidden talent, an absurd collection and so on.

At this ‘Snack Encounter' the BPS22 offers you a meeting with Sara Létourneau, the Museum's artist in residence.
Sara Létourneau, a native of Chicoutimi, Quebec, takes part in projects throughout the world in the fields of visual arts, music, performance and theatre. During these events she talks about the ritualising of gesture, reinventing familiar objects with gentleness and poetry.
During her period of residence at Charleroi she is developing a multi-disciplinary body of work focusing on the idea of the witch as a strong woman, an ecologist, wise and independent. She joins us on this particular lunchtime to talk about plants, gardens, women, sorcery, creation and other matters. So many subjects enrich her reflections and creativity.

FRI. 13.12.2019
12:15 > 13:30


Bring a picnic !
The bar is open.

Information and booking : Mediation departement
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