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Et si le facteur passait chez vous…?!The Little Museum

  • Little Museum

The Little Museum is a space for learning within the BPS22, where exhibits are displayed at a child’s eye-level. Here children can typically discover works from the Hainaut Province collection. However, this summer it is the children who are showcased on the walls of the Little Museum.

In the era of screens, we sometimes forget the joy that a letter brings; receiving an envelope with one’s name on it, wondering who sent it, opening it, discovering the contents… these are acts that offer a special relationship with time, dialogue and creativity. Particularly during the moments when we were experiencing.

The project Et si le Facteur passait chez vous…?!, created with the Théâtre de la Guimbarde, lets us reconnect with written letters while bringing the museum into the daily lives of children wherever they might be (school, family home, hospital, in care, etc.) by sending suggestions for activities and creative projects.

More than 800 children between 3 and 12 years old received these letters and most of them have played the game of postal correspondence by sending their most beautiful works. These are the creations displayed in the Little Museum.