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Indoors and outdoors...!?Space for learning

  • Little Museum

The Little Museum is a space for learning within the BPS22, where works are displayed at a child’s eye-level. Here children can discover pieces from the Hainaut Province collection, selected according to specific themes. The Petit Musée invites children to enter into a dialogue with the works and also to converse with other generations as they walk through the exhibition together.

The theme for this new exhibition is the relationship between indoors and outdoors, harking back to the weeks of lockdown during the Spring.

Shelter, whether is it solid, light, mobile, precarious or permanent, is a basic concern all over the world. Nevertheless, while there are several ways of understanding habitat, inhabiting possesses an existential dimension.

Indoors and Outdoors… !? talks about real houses and imaginary houses, different ways of inhabiting a space and the connections we make with spaces, both inside and outside.

How does a raw space gradually become a place to live? How does a house and the relationship with our habitat develop depending on the circumstances of our lives? Which part of the house do we occupy the most? What feelings do we experience in different rooms?

Because a home is an environment too, the exhibition questions how we view the outdoors when we are forced to stay inside. How does this restriction change our relationship between the house and the world outdoors? What can we see from our homes? What does this view of the world tell us?

Artists:Priscilla Beccari, Alain Bornain, Anne Bourguignon, Isabelle Cambier, Magali Chapitre, Mehdi Clemeur, Gaston Compère, Nathalie D’Elia, Arsène Detry, Fernand Gommaerts, André Lefebvre, Ania Lemin, Peter Martensen, Laurent Molet, Claude Petit, Giancarlo Romeo.